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About Us

A Passion



It all started with two kids of a Husband and a Wife that enjoys playing with the toy, LEGO. They were having fun with it so much than anything that they have ever done. That gave a lightbulb on into the Husband's and Wife's heads. They aim to bring joy to children that enjoy playing with LEGO and introduce them to those who have never played before. In the October of 2014, the first Bricks Smart LEGO Toy Store was opened at a tiny first-floor shop lot at Mahkota Cheras.




Say Goodbye to Dust



Every day, families came hoping to let their children get a LEGO set toy and have a great time, slowly ending up with parents collecting collectible sets together. More and more adults started collecting LEGO toy sets as they are very good for display. However, they always encounter an enemy with it comes to display; Dust. Dust was everywhere on the LEGO sets and it was troublesome to keep them clean. A solution came to our mind and we have first launched our very own Acrylic-based Display Case in 2017. Throughout the years, we have evolved our designs, having casing that has a convenient glue-free self-assembling manual, a stand for LEGO vehicles, a stand that holds LEGO Minifigures, and many more.




What's Next?



It has been an amazing journey for us with the lovely community that has been supporting us for years. We have plans to expand to foreign states and even foreign countries as many of you do not live near to our retail stores. We hope to meet you at the next station on our journey. Enjoy your "Bricks Smart" journey!