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Loss Insurance Cover

 What is Loss Insurance Cover?

  • The Loss Insurance Cover provides a solution towards carriers that offer to protect one's consignment from any probable downside risks. The Loss Insurance Cover is backed by EasyCover, the courier company Pgeon Delivery.

 How does the Loss Insurance Cover help me to protect my shipment?

  • The Loss Insurance provides extensive coverage against risks from the time of collection/receipt by the carrier till delivery to the consignee. However, there is certain exclusions. Please refer to EasyCover page for more information.

 I've done many shipments and nothing went wrong! Why should I get the plan for myself now?

  • That is a wonderful position to be in. But the more you ship, the more the law of averages works against you. Currently, risk management estimates that nearly 30 percent of losses are unavoidable for all shipments via courier companies worldwide. Having the right coverage on your shipment manages that risk in the most cost-effective way.

 Is Bricks Smart responsible for any claims towards Loss Insurance Cover?

  • Bricks Smart accepts no responsibility for/or liability to shipper’s or consignee’s failure to comply with the T&C of the Loss Insurance Cover policy.

 Is Bricks Smart forcing the Loss Insurance Cover on me?

  • Bricks Smart, for itself and on behalf of the consignee, agrees and acknowledges that Bricks Smart makes the Loss Insurance Cover option available as an accommodation to users who may or may not want to obtain such coverage. By doing so, Bricks Smart is not and shall not be deemed to be in parcel coverage company and shall have no liability as such.

 How do I get the coverage plan for my shipment?

  • At the Shopping Cart > Proceed to Checkout > Continue to Shipping Method, select the option as picture shown below.

 Do I need to prepare any kind of document for the coverage claims?

  • It’s simple actually. You need an invoice for the covered goods (or anything similar to prove your item's actual value).

 When does the Coverage begin to cover my shipment?

  • Coverage begins when the air waybill is issued and the shipment has been tendered to a courier and continues until the shipment has been delivered to the final destination point named in the air waybill, or when the consignee or consignee’s agent has taken possession.

 How long is the Coverage on my Protected shipment?

  • It covers up to a maximum of 14 days, beginning from the receipt date of the consignment by a carrier (this even includes public holidays and weekends).

 My shipment was just delayed! Do I get a Coverage extension?

  • If the courier that you selected delayed your shipment, the coverage would be extended in accordance with how long the delay was.

 How much do I have to pay for my shipment to be covered by the Coverage?

  • The higher the maximum claim you choose, the higher you will have to pay for your shipment to be covered. You may estimate the rates as the following: Add to Cart Items > My Shopping Cart > Estimate Shipping & Taxes > Enter Country, Region/State, Post Code, and click Get Quotes, as shown below.

 How do I claim my coverage once something happens to my shipment?

  • Any claims for physical loss or damage towards shipments covered by the Loss Insurance Cover can be reported to us through email @[email protected], we will need to collect relevant documents and file the claim for you, once we have received it, we will revert the claim to you.

 How long will it take for my claim to be processed?

  • A claim takes up to 21 days to process, starting from the date of submission of the relevant documents from the sender to your courier's own insurance team.

 Will I be fully compensated for my shipment if it was lost and will it be accurate as what I declared in my order (E.g. my goods is worth RM23,000)?

  • You will be fully compensated on your order value, at a maximum of the rate you chose for your order.
  • Scenario 1: Your order value is RM800, and you chose to ship with Loss Insurance @ Max Claim RM250, you will be compensated with RM250 if your parcel is lost.
  • Scenario 2: Your order value is RM800, and you chose to ship with Loss Insurance @ Max Claim RM1000, you will be compensated with RM800 if your parcel is lost.
  • Please refer to EasyCover’s scenarios in how you will be compensated on their own website.

 Why is there Packaging Protection in all of the choices of Loss Insurance Coverage and can I remove it?

  • We include Packaging Protection to provide better protection to your parcel to reduce the risk of your parcel having dents damages.
  • Packaging Protection cannot be removed from Loss Insurance Coverage.

 Is there any difference in Packaging Protection between all choices of Loss Insurance Maximum Claims?

  • Every choice of Packaging Protection and Loss Insurance provides the same standard Additional Packaging Protection.